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2015, Bring it on!!!



I wanted to put out an official “statement” and thank you to everyone, old and new clients, friends, and the ones I call family!! Without you, I don't know where the fuck I’d be! In 2008 my life changed forever and in 2009 I moved back to Massachusetts with a dream, a broken heart and vague plan. I never thought in 5 years, this is where I’d be. As hard as each year has been, it has made me stronger and fight that much harder. My life and the studio have gone through some amazing triumphs and falls, but that is all part of the story and the process. Each day I try, and learn, and push to make that day count... Without the support of my friends and the best clients a girl could ever ask for, I wouldn't have the ability or the courage to do what I do each day. I am not great with words, but I do try to find them when I really feel they need to be spoken.. Today, I need to say thank you!!!! 

The last year I have spent a lot of time working on myself to be a better friend, tattooist, business owner, and human being. The old saying, “You cant help anyone until you help yourself” finally rang true for me. So when the time came, decisions were made, and priorities were adjusted, and I will continue to do this into 2015 and beyond. I have sacrificed a lot of myself for a long time and now I am trying to find the balance in life and work. It's not easy and I don't accomplish this most days, but will continue to fight each day for myself and for those around me.

I have some of the most trusting and caring clients and I truly do want to be the best tattooist I can for you. This year I have transitioned Always & Forever Tattoo into a by appointment only studio, this is allowing me to make the most of the limited hours in each day and really be able to focus on each individual client. Although I like to think there are unlimited hours each day and that someday there will be an 8th day of the week, I haven't quite accomplished that! ;-) However, I do want to make sure that each client I can take on gets the best tattoo that I can make for them. I also want to make sure the clients I am not able to take on are pointed in a good direction. I am constantly working to make sure everyone has the best experience possible in the studio and the expectations for their new tattoo are more than exceeded! I truly love the process from consult to completion, I love watching each client see their ideas come to life, and there is no happier place than when I have a machine in my hand. 

In looking back at the tattoos that were done in 2014 and those that I will be starting in 2015, I am so overwhelmed and grateful!... you guys are simply awesome to work with and I cant wait to see all that 2015 has to offer! Please know that your patience, love, and support mean the world to me. Tattooing fuels my life and I have some big plans for this next chapter. I look forward to making it all happen together!!

Peace, love, and penguins


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