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Lucky Cats Brand


For a long time and well before I started tattooing, I used my clothing, hair and overall style to express myself.. Ive always enjoyed the DIY way of doing things and found designing and creating clothing and shirt designs as a great outlet of my creativity.. For many years I have toyed with the idea of putting out a line of products featuing the tattoo designs that I have been creating for just as long, and now seems like a great fucking time!!!

May I proudly introduce,

Lucky Cats Brand

With this new brand and online store, I plan to create a limited run of different tattoo art style designs featured on t-shirts and other various products.. Each design and product will be a limited run and with each re-order I will introduct and new design.. You never know what might be up next and I hope that keeps things interesting! I really appreciate the responce and feedback I have received so far and cant wait to see this line evolve and grow over time.. The support I get on a daily basis from my friends and clients really means a lot to me!! Without you all, I cant do what I do.. Thanks you all!!!!

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