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Hello everyone!! This summer I will be attending a few conventions, including the Asheville Tattoo Expo in just over a week at the Crown Plaza Resort in Asheville, NC.. I will have the honor of sharing a booth with the wonderful and extremely talented, TeeJay, from White Tiger Tattoo in Rochester, NY.. Come find us at the "McMittens Cat Lady Shelter" booth June 19th-22nd, 2014

It also has come to my attention that my contact form on this website has not been working for a least a few weeks.. If you have send me a message, please either call the studio 617-744-1740 or send me an email if you are not local directly BABEINK@GMAIL.COM until this issue is fixed.. I'm not the most propt with emails depending on my tattooing and drawing schedule, but I do always get back to everyone.. So if you dont hear back from me within a week or 2, defintly call the shop becasue I did not receive your message..

Thank you all for your continueing support and the oppertunity to make such fun tattoos on such wonderful people!!!!

Peace, love, and penguins

Holly Azzara

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